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Satlink WS-6922 HD DVB-S 1+2

Satlink WS-6922 HD is an easy Satfinder for DVB-S + S2 with HD TV-Picture
Satlink WS-6922 HD had an integrated clour TFT LC Display with 3,5" / 8,9cm
Satlink WS-6922 HD is excellent for justage Satellite Dishes
Satlink WS-6922 HD can display Digital and HD TV-Programs for test
Satlink WS-6922 HD can connect to a TV and use as a normal satellite receiver (AV-Output)
Satlink WS-6922 HD can connect with a TV-Camera to use the Meter as a Monitor (AV-Input)

Satlink WS-6922 DVB-S can be connected as a standard receiver to a TV. In addition, the device has an AV input. At this, other media players or AV surveillance cameras to be connected!

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Shipping Note: DHL 3 to 6 days delivery.

Shipping by DHL, please check your address at: http://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp
We will ask you to pay more 17GBP,if your address belongs to remote area.

Download WS-6922 Instruction Manual

Free Download WS-6922 AU CD Content

Satlink WS-6922 HD DVB-S 1+2 wholesale price please contact us, we will give you at the best price! email: order@dreamboxeshop.co.uk.com
Features FW V1.25 (delivery condition):

    * Colour TFT LC Display with 3,5" / 8,9cm
    * Keypad with Lighting
    * Flashlight Function (built-in LED Lamp on the Rear)
    * Frequency range: 950 - 2150 MHz (DVB-S + S2)
    * Built-in speaker
    * Angle calculation of Azimuth, Alevation and LNB Tilt (after entering the Coordination own Data)
    * Sound warning prompt locking Satellite
    * Display the Signal Strength in Percent and as a Bar
    * Display of BER
    * Display of C/N
    * Display of Signal Range in dBµV
    * DiSEqC Motor Control
    * DiSEqC Control for Multi-Switch and simple DiSEqC Switches
    * Automatc Channel Scan TV + Radio
    * Receive and Play of DVB-S+S2 HD FTA TV Programs in Picture and Tone
    * Receive and Play of DVB-S FTA Radio Programs in Ton
    * Switching the Screen Size 4:4 / 16:9
    * AV in and AV out function
    * Software Upgradeable via USB flash Stick
    * Storage and recovery of their own system settings using a USB flash Stick
    * Lithium-ion 3000mA Power Battery

    2 Menu Languages: English, German (after Update Additional Menu Languages)

  • WS-6922

  • Green Protective Rubber Cover

  • 220V Charging Adapter

  • 12V Car Charger

  • A / V Cable Adapter 3.5 jack to 3x RCA jack

  • CD with User manual in English


Main Menu

following sub-menu items can be selected:

  • Find satellite

  • system Settings

  • Multimedia / currently only for software updates and data backup

  • Angle calculation of azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt

Sat Search

  • Satellite Selection menu item is initially selected on the left side of the desired satellite.

  • Then you change the cursor to the right and select the desired transponder.

  • 44 satellites between 70 ° OST and 30 ° West are included in the database

Sat Search

While the satellite search will display:

  • Satellite, LNB type, transponder frequency, symbol rate, polarization
  • All or FTA Search Mode
  • Search entire satellite or selected Transpoder
  • Signal strength and quality in bar and a percentage
  • PWR in dBmV
  • C / N carrier noise ratio in dB
  • BER
  • FEC

Channel Search

  • There are several search modes:

  • Satellite: All, including the encrypted or only Free Channels

  • Transponder: All including the encrypted or only Free Channels

TV Bild

  • After leaving the menu, go to TV mode.

  • It is presented in picture and sound.

  • The aspect ratio can be switched in the system (4:3 / 16:9)

Program - Info

  • Press the INFO button, opens the program information window. All program information is displayed. Furthermore, this information also to windo image signal control purposes.

Channel list

  • In TV mode is accessed by pressing the OK button to select the previously stored channels.

Angle Calculation

  • After selecting the desired satellite and input their own coordination data, the angle of azimuth, elevation and LNB tilt calculated and displayed.

DiSEqC 1.1

  • DiSEqC 1.1 allows control of multi-feed systems with special DiSEqC switches for maximum up. 16 LNB

DiSEqC 1.2

  • DiSEqC 1.2 Motor control allows you to rotate and control DiSEqC motors.


  • USALS allows you to control positioners.

Satlink WS-6922 HD DVB-S 1+2 wholesale price please contact us , we will give you at the best price!